Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator

Understanding APR: The Key to Smarter Home Loan Decisions

Loan Amount in Between 50 k to 50 lac
ROI in Between 11 to 26
Tenure in Between 24 to 240
Charges in Between 0 to 75000

Notes on how to use the Calculator.

  • The APR depends on various factors like interest rate, processing fee etc. The APR calculator is provided for customer convenience to compare the annual cost of credit.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate calculator is provided to compute annualised credit cost which includes interest rate and charges, applicable at the time of loan origination.
  • The APR calculator does not include charges like stamp duty, prepayment charges, CERSAI charges etc.
  • To calculate APR, please provide input for Loan Amount in INR, Tenure in months, ROI (without %) and processing fee of your Loan.
  • Basis the four fields calculator will show the APR in output field.
  • The output values mentioned in the APR calculator are based on the input provided in the respective field, as indicated in the calculator. You are requested to use the calculator without making any changes to the calculator to achieve desired output. Manappuram Home Finance Ltd shall not be responsible for any output produced due to changes in the calculator or incorrect input provided.