Top - Up Loan

Reach New Heights: Enhance Your Financial Flexibility with our Top-Up Loan.

Top - Up Loan

Our Schemes

  • ML LAP Top Up
  • ML HL Top Up
  • LAP Top Up
  • HL Top Up

What will be the Rate of Interest?

Strating from11% per annum *
* Conditions Apply

Who can apply?

  • Cases where customer has already availed Top Up loan along with Balance transfer are not eligible. Once this Top Up loan is sanctioned, borrower will not be eligible for any other Top Up loan.
  • No EMI bouncing for last 6 months. In case of any bouncing due to non-fund related reasons, borrower should have had adequate bank balance to serve the EMI.
  • Minimum seasoning of 6 months EMI payment.
  • Home Loan should be fully disbursed.

What will be the Term of the loan?

  • Residual tenure of existing loan

What is maximum loan possible?

  • Depend on the existing loan.
On application
  • Application Fee
  • 2500 plus applicable taxes
During the term of loan
  • Processing Fee
  • 2.5% plus Applicable Tax
  • Stamp Duty/Franking charges
  • Actual Plus Applicable Taxes
  • CERSAI Registry
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Cheque/ECS swapping charges
  • Rs. 750 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Security PDC retrieval Charges
  • Rs. 500 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Copy of property documents
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Statement of Account
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • List of Documents
  • Rs.1000 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Collection picks up charges
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Recovery Charges
  • Actual Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Conversion charges
  • 1% Plus Applicable Taxes
  • External Opinion
  • Actual Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Statutory / Regulatory Charges
  • Actual Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Charges on Part disbursement
  • Rs.1000 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Part Payment
  • I. NIL Charges for part prepayment of the loan up to 20% of the loan amount in a financial year from Own Fund. Part prepayment in excess of this limit will be subject to pre-payment charge of 4% of the amount prepaid plus applicable taxes.

    ii.4% (plus applicable taxes) for prepayment made by borrowing from a Bank / HFC / NBFC / Financial Institution
On foreclosure
  • Full Prepayment
  • I. NIL Charges for full prepayment/Pre-closure of the loan from Own Fund.

    ii. 4% (plus applicable taxes) for full prepayment/Pre-closure of the loan made by borrowing from a Bank / HFC/ NBFC / Financial Institution
  • Loan Cancellation Charges
  • Rs. 3000 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Foreclosure statement
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
Fee refundable if loan not sanctioned/disbursed
  • Fees Refundable
  • NA
Conversion charges for switching from floating to fixed interest and vice-versa
  • Switching Charges
  • NA
Penalty for delayed payments
  • Penal Charges
  • 24% per annum, i.e, 2% per month on the overdue instalment on the actual No of days + Applicable Taxes
  • Penal Charges (Cheque/ECS bounce Charges)
  • Rs.1200 Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Duplicate No Dues Certificate
  • Rs.500 Plus Applicable Taxes
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